Michael Beech, President: Mr. Beech, as President, assumes ultimate responsibility for the company’s performance on all agreements; he heads M. A. Beech Corporation’s quality initiative by providing ethical leadership to instill values that promote individual success as well as high performing collaboration. Mr. Beech draws upon more than 40 years of experience in the transportation industry to assist clients in achieving their project goals.

Eric Weaver, P.E. , Chief Engineer: Mr. Weaver is responsible for overseeing engineering services for heavy highway construction, transportation design, construction management and inspection. His experience relates to practical use of technical knowledge in both highway and bridge design.

DJ Krapf, General Manager: Mr. Krapf’s primary focus is to increase management’s effectiveness by communicating values, strategies, and objectives to each corporate discipline. He is an integral part of maintaining client and employee relations, ensuring accuracy of all submissions, coordinating the proposal teams and staffing projects, and internal management of current projects, resulting in outstanding customer service. Mr. Krapf is also leading the technology implementation efforts of M.A. Beech, including the integration of Apple iPads to inspection operations.


Joe Smith, Senior Project Coordinator and Transportation Construction Manager: With more than 45 years in the transportation construction-inspection industry, Mr. Smith is a highly respected and relied upon figure in both M. A. Beech and the industry in general. Project coordination and oversight duties include all aspects of client Agreements– monitoring inspection assignments, staffing, and adherence to the project budgets, ultimately ensuring that all needs are met throughout the Project.

Andy Crouse, Project Coordinator and Safety Officer: Working closely alongside DJ Krapf and Joe Smith, Mr. Crouse provides communication and support to both M. A. Beech inspectors and Department personnel. Mr. Crouse is also responsible for proposal submission, agreement coordination, and tracking of certifications and documentation. As Safety Officer, Mr. Crouse ensures accordance with OSHA and industry regulations regarding safety equipment, practices, and overall workplace health.

Lisa Cree, Accounting and Human Resources Manager: Ms. Cree works behind the scenes to make our machine run. She is responsible for accounting and invoicing services as well as handling EEO compliance and Human Resources services. She makes it possible for our inspectors to be able to focus on their tasks at hand while knowing that their interests are in good hands.

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