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Transportation construction inspection plays an integral role in maintaining highway projects. M.A. Beech Corporation gives clients a complete and accurate overview of all types of jobsite activities, as well as a reasonable solution to any issues that may arise and also are able to identify potential hazards which is essential for a proper work-environment for all involved employees. MAB provides a unique approach to enforcing the client’s contract and specifications while monitoring project safety and supplying our clients with sensible answers to any issues and or concerns which may develop during a project.

Construction Management

Near Abutment Construction
Near Abutment Construction

This service branch of M.A. Beech Corporation manages construction schedules and activities by overseeing job-site progress as per specific contract and safety regulations. Leadership and experience is crucial to operating a proper and successful construction project. Therefore, our clients can trust that MAB will provide them with superior construction management tools and skilled personnel for all of their heavy highway development needs.